Newsflash: The Pill may point women in the wrong direction in their search for a husband.

Well, it’s a newsflash to some like scientists and media types in the UK Times. Not to anyone who’s seriously looked at the ramifications of birth control. But sometimes it takes scientists a few years to find out that the Church was right all along. Here’s the news:

To millions of women it has been the great liberator over the past four decades, allowing them the freedom to control their fertility and their relationships. But the contraceptive Pill could also be responsible for skewing their hormones and attracting them to the “wrong” partner.

A study by British scientists suggests that taking the Pill can change a woman’s taste in men — to those who are genetically less compatible.

The research found that the Pill can alter the type of male scent that women find most attractive, which may in turn affect the kind of men they choose as partners. It suggests that the popular form of contraception — used by a quarter of British women aged between 16 and 50 — could have implications for fertility and relationship breakdowns.

The findings, from a team at the University of Liverpool, add to growing evidence that the hormones in the Pill influence the way that women assess male sexual attractiveness.

The science geeks make it all about smells and hormones but the truth is much deeper. Like a woman who’s interested in finding a husband will actually care if the guy has a job, his religion, how he treats his mother, etc….

A woman on the pill looks for…other things. And if the sex is good she can get confused into thinking she’s in love and not snap out of it until they’ve got three kids, he’s lost another job, he’s out late again, and he hasn’t returned his mother’s call in weeks.

How many people have you known who’ve gotten fooled into thinking they’re in love by the giggling intimacy of sex? The Pill makes sex seem consequence-less but in truth the consequences of birth control are far reaching and devastating.