Cardinal Egan Blasts Pelosi
—This is the statement you’ve been waiting for.

Republicans Draft Abortion Language for Platform
—In short, this is why I’m a Republican.

Enough With The “Devout” Catholics
—Porn stars and saints are described with the same word by the press. Can’t we do better?

My Anything But The DNC Post
—Some stories that are not about the Democrat National Convention.

Pelosi: St. Augustine Was Pro-Choice Too
—Don’t you hate it how pro-choicers are always trying to bring their religion into politics.

Biden’s Cultural Catholicism
—Catholicism is what he defines it to be.

No Genetically Modified Jesus!
—Priest to future idiots ― Don’t even think about it!

Now I Feel Better About What We Do Here
—Leading Jesuit endorses our blog…practically. I mean he might as well have.

Who Said It?
—Guess which Catholic said this wonderfully sweet line.

Nuts: Gen. Petraeus Should be Court Martialed for Proselytizing?
—Separation of church and state means you can’t mention religion at all.

Looks Like Biden?
—Classic Quotes and more bumper stickers.

Far Too Busy To Want To Be Priests
—If Catholics understood what a “powerful role women religious have,” they would never “feel sorry for us.”

Devil Worship Promoted at the Front Lines of the LA Cathedral
—You have to read this one to believe it!

White House Ducks Birth Control Battle
—Lose an election or lose our soul. Hmmmmm…

Sign the Petition! Support a Catholic College
—A Catholic college acted Catholic and raised the ire of 2,000 liberals. Let’s double them!