I’m not a Pat Buchanan fan. But this column he wrote today feels exactly right and I think is why all the poll numbers are tightening this campaign season. It’s all about life. Each side knows we’re close. The battle lines are drawn. Whoever gets to choose the next Supreme Court Justice wins, at least for a generation. There is a strong likelihood that the next President will get to appoint one, maybe two Justices. So please don’t stay on the sidelines this election. Please don’t say you don’t agree with McCain on this issue or that issue because all of them pale in comparison to the abortion issue. Pick a side.

This election is America’s last hope to reverse Roe v. Wade. Upon its outcome will rest the life, or death, of millions of unborn children. The great social cause of the Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus, of the Evangelical and Pentecostal churches, of the entire right-to-life movement, hangs today in the balance.

Why? It is not just that Obama is a pro-choice absolutist who defends the grisly procedure known as partial-birth abortion, who backs a Freedom of Choice Act to abolish every restriction in every state, who even opposed a born-alive infant protection act.

Nor is it because Joe Biden is a NARAL Catholic who has been admonished by bishops not to take communion because he has, through his career, supported a women’s “right” to abortion, the exercise of which right has ended the lives of 45 million unborn.

Nor is it even because McCain professes to be pro-life, or Gov. Palin is a woman who not only talks the talk but walks the walk of life.

No. The reason this election is the last chance for life is the Supreme Court. For it alone — given the cowardice of a Congress that refuses to restrict its authority — has the power to reverse Roe, and because that court may be within a single vote of doing so.

Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts appear steeled to overturn Roe and return this most divisive issue since slavery to the states, where it resided until January 1973.

You can read the rest here at Townhall.

Buchanan goes on to say that “if Obama-Biden wins, Roe is forever. If McCain-Palin wins, Roe could be gone by the decade’s end.” The stakes are high. I will not be on the sidelines. Life is the issue of our time.