Enough With The Apologies
—Archbishop advises press not to hold its breath for an apology to Darwin.

Baby Who Survived Abortion Calls on Obama
—Gianna Jessen lived. Barack Obama would have let her die.

It’s Non-Negotiable
—Bishop of Phoenix releases video in support of marriage proposition.

Hubris Unlimited at the Obama Store
—Obama’s putting the Cross on his shirts. Want one?

Can Catholics Vote For McCain?
—Prioritizing torture, the War, and abortion can be difficult. Thankfully Red Cardigan is on the case.

He Ain’t Nothing Special
—The French take rude to a new level disrespecting the Pope.

The End of Civilization – Part XXIV
—Have you ever watched a nation commit suicide before?

Nature/Nurture and Survival of the Roughest
—Lessons for life from the soccer field.

Dr. Who Dunnit?
—When tabernacles attack!

Pep Talks From Supreme Court Justice
—Chief Justice Roberts delivers pep talk to Notre Dame. How about one for the Court?

Doctor Worries That Palin’s Decision Could Decrease Abortions
—Palin could inspire other families to love a child. Shocking, huh?

Buchanan: Last Chance for Life
—Don’t stand on the sidelines for this one. Lives hang in the balance.