New York Times uber-liberal columnist Maureen Dowd has been booted off John McCain’s plane. Awesome! The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has the story:

The McCain campaign has barred her (Dowd) from flying in the McCain and Palin press planes, even though major media outlets routinely pay thousands to the campaigns every day for travel and expenses (and also begs the question, why didn’t her media colleagues Man Up and get her aboard anyway?)

It all started when Maureen covered an Aug. 30 McCain-Palin rally in Washington, Pa., then wasn’t let on the McCain plane afterward, forcing her to overnight at a Pittsburgh airport hotel while the traveling press went on without her.

“I had had a great relationship with John McCain for 16 years, through columns he liked and didn’t like. So at first I thought it was a mistake and doublechecked with the press office. They said I was banned from both planes for ‘the foreseeable future.’ Then [McCain spokeswoman] Nicole Wallace was gloating about it to reporters on the Palin plane,” Dowd wrote in an email.

Let’s face it, John McCain has been accused by the New York Times of having an extramarital affair without any evidence whatsoever. It has run countless stories on the 17 year old daughter of Sarah Palin. Dowd is not a journalist. She is a liberal columnist who misconstrues every utterance from conservatives to its worst possible meaning. So I know it didn’t go down like this video but when I think of this incident, this is how I’m going to remember it. Harrison Ford would me McCain. Dowd would be Gary Oldman.

H/T Newsbusters