I have been in Southern California all week and I have been amazed about the number of commercials that I have seen about Proposition 8 which would undo the made up right to gay marriage in the state.

The commercials I have seen this week are numbering 10 to 1 against.(The money being spent on this must be staggering.) It seems that every other commercial on these past days urges “No on Prop 8” They tell you, it is about eliminating rights, about the right to marry, and so on. Take a look at the quotes used in the ad I have seen the most out here.

“drastic step to strip people of rights.” — Los Angeles Times

“out of state special interests have pumped in millions.” — California Nurses Association

“major threat to basic Constitutional rights.” — League of Women Voters

“an unnecessary initiative.” — La Opinion

“No person should suffer discrimination.” — League of Women Voters

“California laws should treat everyone equally.” — California Teachers Association

Remarkably, in all the ads that I have seen this week there are certain words that have been conspicuous by their absence. The words gay or homosexual are nowhere to be found. They know that they cannot truly say what the issue is because people would overwhelmingly reject it.

Forty years ago, the pro-abortion lobby effectively hijacked that common use and understanding of words to convince the public that the murder of innocents was a choice and that to object to such an absurd notion was to be against “choice” and to seek to impose your will on another and her body. They assiduously avoid ever calling abortion by its right name and never describe what their euphemisms result in, a dead baby. They hijacked the language and have been killing ever since.

The gay lobby, tutored at the feet of their monstrous mentors in the abortion lobby, have learned the lesson well. Win the battle for language and you will win the war. So now as they wage war against traditional marriage, they know that the battle for language is a crucial front in the war. Let us not cede one inch of this territory.