Cardinal Egan: Look at this Photograph
—Look at it. Tell me this isn’t an innocent human being worthy of protection.

Best (Or Worst) Halloween Costumes Ever
—I wouldn’t be caught dead or alive in any of these costumes.

Enough With The Partisan Coverage! Not!
—Newspaper editor puts a stop to partisan coverage. Or not.

Wanna Be In A Video With Fr. Barron?
—Fr Barron will be taping a new video and is looking for some folks.

New Classical Church Architecture
—A special event with noted traditional architect Thomas Gordon Smith.

Nightmare Scenario: White Liberal Riot
—The sad riots of the Starbucks crowd should McCain/Palin win.

Christianity Is A Protestant Thing
—Anti-Catholic bigotry or pathetic religious ignorance?

Creative Minority Reader

Catholic Cover For Partisan Politics Part II
—Mark Shea and the Catholic fence sitters.

Shock Poll: Dems Favor Obama
—Pollsters interview 15 percent more Dems than Republicans.

The Second Slumming
—A poem from the perspective of the “conservative” elite.

Close to Infanticide?
—Pro-lifers are on the brink of being marginalized. What now?

Born Alive And The Aftermath
—Disturbing video on aftermath of Born Alive.