Judas infamously sold out the Messiah for a mere thirty pieces for silver. Ace of Spades is seeking a Judas at the LA Times to do the same to their messiah for $25,000.

$20,000 $25,000 Reward for Obama/Ayers/Dohrn/Khalidi Tape

Dirty Harry suggests a benefactor can offer $100,000.

Well, I don’t know if one will step forward. I can guarantee, though, that if the goods are delivered the blogosphere can contribute $20,000. In a matter of hours.

Maybe more. More would depend on the tape.

This offer includes is particularly directed towards Los Angeles Times employees. Maybe ones that just got fired. Or will get fired in the next couple of weeks.



That’s how we roll.

Pretty pathetic that we have to try to bribe “newsmen” to release newsworthy tapes…

One big difference though, I don’t think that their messiah turns the other cheek.