Many pro-choicers support twelve-years-olds getting abortions. They support babies in their ninth month being literally torn apart limb from limb. I’ve known too many pro-choice people to consider them all evil. I think so much of their stance on abortion is ignorance.

But it is an ignorance due to nothing less than a conspiracy of silence. If we dare to show images of abortions (which they support) then we’re the evil ones for showing such ghastly images. Is it now possible that the evil they’re supporting is so monstrous that we’re not allowed to discuss it?

Years ago, Matt Drudge was thrown off the air on Fox News just for attempting to feature a picture of a baby reaching out of the womb during an in-utero surgery.

Now, I personally wouldn’t want my children to see that truck which shows graphic images of abortion, driven by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. It’s pretty awful looking. But on the other hand I do think exposing the horrors of abortion is important. So many people support abortion because they think of it solely as a rights issue. They actually forget the victim because there’s been a media blackout. To the media, the side of good (pro-choicers) supports the procedure which is so awful that the bad side (pro-lifers) should be disallowed from showing it. Make sense?

I spoke to a young pro-choice woman recently who went to services on Sundays and considered herself a good Christian. In our conversation it turned out that she believed that abortion was only allowed for the first three months of a pregnancy. And this is a smart young professional woman. I informed her otherwise and…she didn’t believe me. She said she thought I was wrong about that. I simply asked her to look it up online. I hope she did.

Graphic images of abortion puts the lie to the claim that it’s just a clump of cells or a blob of tissue better than any argument. There’s nothing like being able to point to a picture and say “This is what you support.”

I do think in the long run that science is on our side in this argument. And pictures like this one which inspire love and not just recognition of horror will win the day.