Chris Matthews is scared. Scared that the U.S. (The same U.S. that just elected a radical left quasi-marxist abortion proponent who thinks that babies are punishments and sin is violating his own beliefs) is on the brink of Theocracy. I kid you not.

Chris is shocked by the “troubling” mention of God, in public! In PUBLIC!

What has Matthews’ drawers all twisted? Well it is this quote from budding ayatollah, Sarah Palin.

We are gonna have a 2012. I don’t know who’s gonna be a part of it. You know I, I, faith is a very big part of my life and putting, putting my life in my creator’s hands. This is what I always do in life. Okay God if there is an open door for me somewhere – this is what I always pray — I’m like don’t let me miss the open door. And if there is an open door in ’12 or four years later and if it’s something that’s gonna be good for my family, for my state, for my nation, an opportunity for me, then I’ll plow through that door.

Yup, that’s it. That is the money quote. This is Matthew’s hysterical (in more ways than one) reaction. It is truly something to behold.

Is, is this commentary about theocracy and going to God for approval. We’ve been through that with President Bush who said he, “didn’t take advice from his father, he got it from another father.” And we’ve been through this sort of Joan of Arc period. Are we gonna get another piece of this where God’s leading candidates to run for president? I mean that sort of keeps us out of the conversation doesn’t it? I mean, seriously, I mean God is telling her to run? And she’s saying it openly on a secular television show? This isn’t the religious hour.

Talking about God, in a political setting is troubling to a lot of people. If you’re talking about a big tent, this looks more like the church tent, not the big tent.

She said she was waiting to get the okay from God. Now I have nothing wrong with prayer, I pray all the time.[Ha..haha…hahaha…] But to talk about that in secular environment. To talk about that in a country which is so broad in its different views of Jesus, in fact, is that a good political move? To talk about God and whether you should run getting the okay from him? Didn’t we have enough of that in the last eight years? God leading our politics? Self-selected views of God?

Chris Matthews is a lunatic. Pure and simple. She said that this is at least four years away, let’s see where we are then. If God opens that door, perhaps I will give it a shot. My life is in God’s hands. That’s it. Newsflash Chris, this is how normal people of faith think and talk, even in public. She never said that she was waiting for God’s ok, she said four years is a long time, let’s see what happens. It’s in God’s hands. This hysterical hand wringing, claiming a Joan of Arc syndrome, worrying openly about theocracy, all because she had the gall to mention God in public and actually mean it.

You can come out on TV, you can admit affairs on TV, you can cry on TV, and you can lie on TV and the Ordinary Ministers of the media woudn’t bat an eye. In fact, they would talk openly about how such candor would likely help your candidacy. Mention God and mean it, and you are branded a wild eyed religious lunatic unworthy of public office.

Chris, really, this is how people who actually believe in God think. This is how people who actually believe in God talk. She is a normal person who understands that her journey here could end tomorrow. It is in God’s hands, always has been. She understands this as simply true and is thus not the least bit embarrassed saying so in public.

One piece of advice Mr. Matthews, since you pray all the time, ask God for some perspective. You lost it somewhere along the way.

ht to Newsbusters