Part 5: Architectural Theology at the New Saint Michael Church
—Part 5 in a series on Architectural Theology.

That’s It! Al Qaeda Guilty of Hate Crime!
—Terrorists seen as threat now that they called Obama a mean name.

Down With Catholics In Name Only
—My proposed legislation to end Catholics in Name Only.

eHarmony Succumbs to Gay Pressure Group
—The moral of the story is that morals are not allowed in the public sphere.

Fr. Barron on the “YouTube Heresies”
—One of Father Barron’s best.

Can I Pray For A Smiting?
—Kathleen Parker needs a good smiting and I have some ideas.

Update: New Chapel at OL of Gudalupe Seminary
—One of the earliest full-fledged buildings of the Catholic New Classical Movement is underway.

Creative Minority Reader

Will Stone Age Skeletons Spark Protest?
—Evidence that the nuclear family wasn’t invented in the 1950’s to oppress women and homosexuals.

Mad Libs for The Culture War
—Fill in the blanks and ignore the truth.

Traditional Anglicans Over For Easter?
—What does this overture mean for the Traditional Anglican Communion?

The Priority of Strengthening Families
—Do we have a responsibility to our children to protect marriage?