Now, it’s once again time to “Guess the Convert” where we see a rather doom-and gloom quote and have to guess which noted convert said it.

“Because it is America’s largest denomination, and the only one with strong central authority, the Catholic Church can be a major opponent of the nihilism of modern liberal culture. Pope John Paul II has been attempting to lead an intellectual and spiritual reinvigoration, but there is resistance within the Church. Modern liberal culture has made inroads with some of the hierarchy as well as the laity. It remains to be seen whether intellectual orthodoxy can stand firm against the currents of radical individualism and radical egalitarianism. For the moment, the outcome is in doubt.”

As always, please don’t cheat by simply cut and pasting it into Google. The CMR Detective Agency will be dispatched to find you and then the CMR Goon Squad will be alerted. And then…bad things, man. Bad things.

Update: The answer is Robert Bork. I must admit that before today I didn’t know he was a Catholic convert. We should all truly understand what a grievous blow the pro-life movement was dealt when the Senate rejected Bork for the Supreme Court. Instead, we got Justice Anthony Kennedy. Not a good trade.