When I read a story about a prominent celebrity speaking about his son’s interest and attachment to the Eucharist and how he is in catechism (I don’t like calling it CCD) preparing for first communion, I want to to be happy. And I am, really. But (sigh), well just read it for yourself.

David Boreanaz Says Son Motivated by Communion Wafer

For David Boreanaz, getting 6-year-old Jaden Rayne interested in the Catholic Church was easy. During a recent appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show, the 39-year-old actor revealed that his son’s curiosity was piqued by the Communion wafer while attending Mass alongside his dad several years ago. “He wanted to go to Communion with me, and I said ‘Well, you can come up but you can’t have the Eucharist because you’re not confirmed, you haven’t had your first Communion,'” David recalled. Jaden became increasingly upset, however!

“So as he got closer and closer to the priest, giving them out, he had that look of, like, he really wanted the cracker. So on the way back after I got my cracker, he was in tears. And I said, ‘Well one day you will go to Catholic School and study for your first communion and whatnot, and get your cracker.'”

Jaden is on his way to turning that dream into a reality! On the day David filmed his appearance, his son attended his first Catechism class. “So today was his first day, of having that experience of getting his cracker,” David laughed.

Jaden is the first child for David and his wife Jaime Bergman. He can currently be seen on Bones, airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

I am so pleased that Boreanaz is taking his son to mass and cares enough to put him in catechism. I am, really. I don’t want to be the nitpicky guy, but c’mon. I am a bad person. Why can’t I just be happy for them? Why I am overwhelmed with a desire to be snarky? Why am I overwhelmed with the desire to say things like “When will you attend the same class David?” or “Maybe now your son can teach you not to call it a cracker!” See? I did it. I can’t help it! I am a bad, bad person. Is there a patron saint of snarkaholics I can pray to for help in overcoming this unhealthy desire? (Sigh.)