I promise you that what you’re about to read is the most outrageous case of media bias you’ll see this year. It’s also major league anti-Catholic as well but they do that so often over there it’s hardly worth noting. But in this case Time Magazine actually calls Pope Benedict “Ebenezer Scrooge” for the Vatican’s decision not to endorse an EU proposal calling for an end to legal discrimination against homosexuals. The Vatican’s reason, according to Archbishop Celestino Migliore, was a fear that the resolution could end up punishing countries which don’t allow gay marriage.

Reasonable enough reason, right? But not even nearly good enough for the uber-leftist Time Magazine. This is how Time begins their slander:

Those nicknames from the past — God’s Rottweiler, the Panzercardinal — don’t seem to stick anymore. After acquiring a reputation as an aggressive, doctrine-enforcing Cardinal, Pope Benedict XVI has surprised many with his gentle manner and his writings on Christian love. But with the Christmas season upon us, there is growing proof that the 82-year-old Pope is also quite willing to play the part of Scrooge to defend his often rigid view of Church doctrine.

You see, to Time Magazine if you’re against gay marriage you’re a mean old evil Scrooge.

Now as if that’s not bad enough, the writer then criticizes Pope Benedict’s stance on the placement of the “sign of peace” during the Liturgy and just simply writes that the Pope is against people wishing “peace” to each other. Get this:

Though there is no indication if or when the proposed movement of the peace would happen, this change would respond to a desire by the Pope to rein in some of the excesses that he sees in the ways the faith is currently celebrated. And to those who wonder why not just let everyone to say ‘peace’ when and where they please for Christmases to come, one can imagine Benedict flashing that gentle smile, tilting his head ever so slightly and declaring: Bah Humbug!

Does this writer think Mass is freaking Woodstock where we all just go around wishing peace to each other. Can you believe this garbage? This writer clearly has no idea what he’s talking about yet feels free to make his opinion known of how the Pope should handle the Liturgy. I cancelled my subscription to Time years ago. I hope you’ll do the same.

HT Newsbusters