Alright here’s the deal. I’m burning a Christmas CD and I want Christmas songs. Not just good Christmas songs. I want the best. And yes, I want Christmas songs that are actually about the birth of our Lord. Imagine that. What’s passing for Christmas songs on the radio today is actually pretty weird. When did that song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” become a Christmas song? I mean, other than its inclusion in the movie Elf, it has zero Christmas relevance. It’s about a guy trying to get a girl drunk so she’ll stay over, for goodness sake!

So I’m trying to think of the best Christmas song but I’m having a bad brain day. Maybe it’s because I just read the news story about Boy George being found guilty of falsely imprisoning a Norwegian male escort by handcuffing him to a wall. I mean, who could’ve seen that coming?

Alright. Back on target. I’m looking for a little aid here for the creation of the perfect Christmas CD. So some obvious ones to start:
Bing’s Silent Night
Nat King Cole’s “O Holy Night”

But there are a thousand version of all the good Christmas songs like “Come all Ye Faithful” and “O Little Town of Bethlehem” so if you guys have any favorites that are particularly good or just move you in some way please let me know. Or I’d love to get wind of songs I’ve never heard of which are great.

Now, of course, if anyone suggests any version of Jingle Bell Rock, they’ll be officially banned from the blog and handcuffed to a wall like a Norwegian man-whore pending further review at our annual CMR executive session held yearly in the basement of the Vatican.

Be warned, this is the Christmas CD the Archbold children will listen to their entire childhood so if we fail to inspire in my children some semblance of awe at Christmas, it’ll be all your fault. No pressure.