Words Mean Things: Billy Joel
—Is it middle age or is Billy Joel anti-Catholic?

Flashback: Benedictine Arrangement Variation
—1976 children’s hand missal sheds light on reform before deform.

When Politics Trump Christmas
—Which message is your favorite? Christ is born or Impeach Bush.

Wooden Plank on Mars
—CMR puts all the Red Planet conspiracies together.

Time Mag Compares Pope to Scrooge
—Magazine goes way over the line.

The Perfect Christmas CD
—Our first ever Christmas song bleg.

A Pirate Public Relations Problem
—P.R. Disaster: Pirates seek gov’t ransom riding expensive horses and sporting expensive guns.

Creative Minority Reader

This Post Is For Boys Only
—The perfect gift for the aspiring liturgist.

Actor Calls Jesus “Lord and Savior”
—And it’s not Mel Gibson!

Holy Sweat!
—Holy relics, Obama style!

The Floyd Landis Generation
—American students are cheating…and the educational system has nothing to show for it.