Feeling a little Christmas-y right now so here are some crazy Christmas odds and ends I’ve seen around.

1) For the low low price of $5,250 you could’ve rented the original house from “A Christmas Story” for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

The rental comes complete with leg lamp and reservations for Christmas dinner at the local Chinese restaurant. The bad news is that there are people out there who don’t understand that the movie was great because it mirrored so many people’s reality. So re-creating the movie is really sorta stupid. The good news is that all the money raised went to the Wounded Warrior Project.

2) If you’re looking to waste your money on something else this Christmas you can always do something like this which seems to me an extraordinary waste even though I love the song.

3) And finally with the dark side of Christmas. Oh the horror! Mind you, this is a real ad via The Darwin Exception:
Now we know what happens to elves who are too old to make toys anymore. Who’s serving these poor elves to people? I’d probably look into that Chinese restaurant that the “Christmas Story” people are going to.