Brit Hume: God, Granddaughters, Golf
—News anchor says he wants to spend his retirement studying the Bible.

The Hitler Cake
—Supermarket refuses to write “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” for three year old named Adolf Hitler.

Definition Of Insanity
—When it comes to sex ed promoters, I have the cure for what ails.

More than Judy Garland
—The political meaning of the Wizard of Oz you never knew.

Cheney Defends Waterboarding
—For the record. They are wrong.

Two Heroes of the Pro-Life Movement
—Another succesful undercover video investigation into Planned Parenthood.

Mundelein Psalter Goes Into Third Printing
—The Mundelein Psalter , a fruit of VII, brings the Office to the laity.

Creative Minority Reader

Miracle of Life Or Population Bomb?
—This cartoon will horrify you.

War and Rumors of Wars: 2009 Predictions
—What countries will riot. What sequels will stink.

Help Needed: Leo Cartwright
—CMR’s version of a face on a milk carton.

Keep Your Theology Off My Technology
—Every time the Church attacks scientists, it’s like Galileo is beheaded all over again.

Yes Virginia, Fr. Made Me Mad Because…
—Visiting Priest debunks Santa during mass!