The MuuMuu Militia© strikes again and this time they are trying to take some European Bishops with them.

The Baltimore Examiner has a typical article about how the priestesses turned-out in togas have begin their own congregation at a local protestant church. It tries, to some degree, to present the Catholic view on the sham, but that is not what I want to focus on. It was this section that caught my eye.

“We didn’t just ordain ourselves,” said Andrea Johnson of Annapolis, who was ordained in 2007 by South African Catholic Bishop Patricia Fresen, a former Dominican nun. “There are Roman Catholic bishops in good standing with the Vatican in Europe who wanted this to happen and who ordain women.”

The Catholic Church said it has no authority to ordain women because they say Jesus only selected men as apostles. It considers those who do so to be automatically excommunicated.

Neither Johnson nor Catonsville resident Gloria Carpeneto, a spiritual guidance counselor who said she was ordained earlier this year in Boston by Roman Catholic Womenpriests, USA Bishop Dana Reynolds, would reveal the names of the European bishops who oppose the Vatican’s prohibition.

Obviously, if any Catholic Bishop were to do something so silly they would automatically be excommunicated, so their good-standing is questionable.

But I can’t help but wonder, are they simply lying (likely given the fraud that is their existence) or are there really Catholic Bishops who are that far of the reservation?