Small Word Change, Big Heresy
—Common everyday heresies.

As An Atheist, I Believe Africa Needs God
—Atheist says Christians do it better.

Patron Saint of Jerks
—Whose reputation should need the rescuing?

NCR Eat and Drinks Judgment?
—Please pray for the editors of NCR.

Time: Triumph of Culture Over Religion
—America’s Christmas owes more to Dickens and Rockwell than Jesus.

Environmentalist Grinches
—Gorinches don’t like Christmas lights. Surprise!

Bing On The Brain – Part II
—Merry Christmas from Father O’Malley

Creative Minority Reader

Double Header From Fr. Barron: #1 On Christmas
—Great stuff.

#2 Fr. Barron’s YouTube Heresies, part 2
—Great heretical stuff.

Write Your Own Captions!
—Some funny pics I picked up. Feel free to be more clever than me.