We here at CMR are excited to let you know the the Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick is going Big Time.

As of this Monday, January 5 the show will be broadcast on EWTN radio during the 7:00 hour. As a result, listeners will hear the show on over 100 stations and satellite radio.

Our hearty congratulations go out to all involved in the show and particularly the producer of the show, Matt Swaim. Matt does a great job producing the show and selecting guests. This was never more in evidence than when he booked us on the show a couple of times. Now that they are going big time, it will probably be harder to get booked on the show than to get Fr. Richard McBrien to wear a clerical collar.

Matt also has a great blog Apoloblogology. Be sure to check it out as well and show your support by being sure to tune in on Monday and every day after.

Congratulations Matt and Brian and we will be listening.