Paris Hilton On Chastity
—Airhead Heiress on chastity. Be expensive.

Is He Not In On The Joke That He Is?
—Bill Clinton should not be talking about rugs in the Oval office.

Irresistible Force v. Immovable Object
—Lessons my marriage has yet to teach me.

One for the Good Guys
—Artist Alexander Stoddart named Queen’s Sculptor.

PETA Gives Me a Great Idea!
—Peta wants to rename fish “sea kittens” to stop you from killing them. It gives me an idea.

Palin Calls Olbermann Evil
—Another reason to love Sarah.

Creative Minority Reader

Gupta And The Rest of the Talking Heads
—Obama’s naming t.v. hosts to his cabinet. Let’s put a few more in and see what happens.

The Greatest Video Ever
—Hey! It’s not my kid.

Georgetown’s Secret Identity
—Don’t let what you do limit your identity.