Red Cardigan Is Sick and Crazy
—I spent two days in the hospital and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

Dawkins is Science, Collins is Religion
—My epic trip to the bookstore this weekend had me wondering where science ends and atheism begins.

No Agenda Here!
—A transexual, a homosexual dolphin trainer, and a bisexual artist walk into Brooklyn.

Enter The Sacred
—Cool video on Eucharistic Adoration.

Why I Won’t Join the Church of Matt
—Newspaper defends “modern” priest and suggests the Church needs to get “relevant.”

Some Non Sequitirs on Sarah and Obama
—Why is Sarah talking about media bias. Let CMR do it.

Creative Minority Reader

Paris Hilton On Chastity
—Airhead Heiress on chastity. Be expensive.

Is He Not In On The Joke That He Is?
—Bill Clinton should not be talking about rugs in the Oval office.

Irresistible Force v. Immovable Object
—Lessons my marriage has yet to teach me.

One for the Good Guys
—Artist Alexander Stoddart named Queen’s Sculptor.