Legendary actor and devout Catholic Ricardo Montalbán has died. Montalbán, well know for his movie and TV roles, was also a devoted husband and devout Catholic. In this picture (left)in 1998 he was being honored by the Vatican for his contributions to the Church. He was married for 63 years to his wife Georgiana until she died in November of 2007.

Montalbán will also be remebered for his voice over work including an EWTN video on Fatima. Many will remember him for his role as Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island. I will always remember as one of the greatest villains ever, Khan.

Khan, arch-nemesis of Captain Kirk, single-handedly saved the Star Trek movie series from utter failure. Montalbán played this character so wonderfully over the top, that Shatner seemed understated. In my mind, this was one of the most brilliant casting moves ever.

Rest in peace.

Now a scene from the memorable Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.