Diogenes at Catholic Culture has the story of the reaction of the Archdiocese of Dublin to the reaction of people to the answer that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin gave to a question about homosexual acts. The Archbishop gave a weasily non answer to an unasked question to insure that his liberal credentials and his Catholic in good standing remain intact.

Diogenes relays and comments:

The Dublin archdiocese is displeased that “many anonymous sources” have dared to suggest that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin backpedaled away from an opportunity to provide a clear statement of Catholic teaching on the immorality of homosexual acts during a recent television interview. In fact, the archdiocese says:

In response the first question of the interview Archbishop Martin clearly and without hesitation replied that he fully accepted the teaching of the Church on the morality of homosexual acts in its entirety.

True. Archbishop Martin said that he accepted Church teaching.

And what is that teaching of the Church?

Interviewer Vincent Browne asked the archbishop whether people “who engage in homosexual sexual relations are engaged in an intrinsic moral evil?” The archbishop professed to have “no idea.”

“I would not call any person evil,” the archbishop said. But he wasn’t asked whether homosexual people were evil; he was asked whether homosexuals acts are objectively evil.

While the Archdiocese protests that these remarks are out of context, the full context only serves to make the situation worse.

This is the kind of weasily two faced talk that has frustrated Catholics for decades. I am glad that the Archbishop is on the defensive. He should be. You are an Archbishop of the Catholic Church, act like one. Stop couching your answers, stop shying away from the truth, and answer the question as Jesus would. The actions are intrinsically evil and the Church loves them too much to pretend otherwise. Period.

We should hold the hierarchy to account on these things or we might be.