Best Example of Media Bias… in Days
—Obama makes a rookie mistake…but don’t worry it’s the Republican’s fault.

The Vatican Could Learn from Hamas
—No organization has mastered the art of media manipulation than Hamas. The Catholic Church could learn a few things.

Some Churches Save Souls, Some Save Lives
—This guy didn’t hit bottom before turning to the church.

Dominicans On Display
—Beautiful Photo Essay from Time. Radical Love.

Shark Shoes at the Doctor’s Office
—Tell me I’m not the only one who has days like this. Anyone?

Bishop Fellay Does The Right Thing
—Bishop Fellay apologizes for Williamson and institutes gag order. Hoorah!

Fr. Barron on the Catholic “Commentariat”
—Another great video from Fr. Barron.

Creative Minority Reader

Gays Good. Catholics Bad?
—In: Gay Rights. Out: Catholic rights.

Don’t Ask —Don’t Tell — Clean
—Policies have consequences!

Two Headlines: I See a Link
—This is the least important thing you’ll read today.

Pelosi: Birth Control Boosts the Economy
—Margaret Sanger would be so proud.

This Pitcher is a Champion
—Pretty amazing story about a World Series Champion who spent his Christmas…not at Disneyworld.