My father used to say there aren’t many problems that couldn’t be solved with a little duct tape. But liberals today seem to think there’s nothing that can’t be solved by condoms. Condoms are the liberal ShamWOW! It’ll clean up any mess.

Truly, what is it with liberals and condoms? The solution to global warming? Condoms. Solution to HIV? Condoms. Poverty? Condoms. The deficit? Condoms. Solution to abortion? Condoms.

In fact, the only time liberals even talk about trying to reduce abortions is when they’re trying to push free condoms.

The federal government has given out millions and millions of condoms at this point but none of these problems are resolved. We’ve sent so many condoms to Africa, every single person there could build spacious rubber rafts and just row to America for goodness sakes.

In fact, liberals so love condoms that one of the first things President Obama did as President was to force American taxpayers to ship condoms to everyone outside the United States -and in case that didn’t work there’s always abortion.

So now that the United States will be throwing enough money to cover every other country in the whole world in synthetic rubber, I’m guessing the liberals began feeling a little jealous and wondering what they could do to increase the supply of domestic condoms.

The answer came today. Obama is hijacking George W. Bush’s Office of Faith Based Programs, renaming it, and tweaking their mission just a wee bit so that their main job will be doling out condoms right here in the good old U.S. of A. And guess what they’re labeling it – abortion reduction!

Note to newly renamed Faith Based Office of whatever – contraception leads to more extra-marital sex which leads to unwanted babies which leads to more abortions. It’s really not that difficult. But they don’t really care about truth. Their obsession with condoms doesn’t allow for truth.

According to NPR:

President Obama launches his faith-based programs today, appointing pastor Josh DuBois to head up operations. The program departs from President Bush’s by focusing on family planning…

According to the USCCB,

a study published in the August 18, 2000 British Medical Journal shows that teens who consult with medical professionals about contraception actually have a higher rate of pregnancy than those who don’t. As to contraception reducing the number of abortions, other studies show that “over 80 percent of young women who have had abortions are contraceptively experienced.” In fact, according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, over half of women having abortions say they were using a contraceptive in the month they became pregnant.

Can any person believe right now that any of our problems in America are actually due to a lack of condoms? Well I guess at least one person…and unfortunately he’s our President.