Please, Please Get Another Architect!
—The people of the west coast deserve better than this.

Oh No! Today Was Picture Day
—A mishap, a spectacle, and a cautionary tale all in one.

Rabbi: Libs Are Mishegoss
—Orthdox Rabbi says left wingers trying to destroy the Church.

Priest Calls Fidel Castro a Saint?
—A tale of two reactions.

12 Year Old Pro-Lifer Speaks Out. Wow!
—O.K. After Sarah serves two terms and then Jindal, let’s run this girl for President.

Joe the Plumber or Julio the Burger Flipper?
—Make your choice.

Creative Minority Reader

Williamson Unfairly Attacked
—Yes, you read that right. In an effort to pile on, media lies.

Joe Biden in a Meat Suit
—It’s just Darwinism. The cool kid mocked Joe. So the wanna-be’s follow suit.

Mary, Falling From Grace
—The name Mary isn’t in the top ten.