Be It Resolved – Take A Hike
—Texas Legislators put the debate where it should be telling the Feds to take a hike.

Top 10 Reasons Obama Returned Churchill
—Obama returns bust of Winston Churchill and CMR has the reasons.

Listen Up Nancy
—Nancy Pelosi gets a talking to from the Pope!

Get Me More Monkeys!
—For many scientists the universe grows bigger with each “coincidence” it discovers.

40 Years’ Worth of Thanks
—Incredible story of firefighter reunited with baby he saved in 1968,

A Tale of Two Chapels
—Modernism meets Tradition.

Blood In The Water Part II – Mosquitoes
—Austrian revolt, Brits insult.

Creative Minority Reader

Speaker Pelosi’s Vatican Visit Suprise
—A CMR Catholic-Political Cartoon.

This Must Not Stand.
—Austrian Bishops are in open revolt. This must not stand.

These Environmentalists Are Killing Us
—So we clean up the waters and what do we get for it? Sharks! Thanks. Thanks a lot.

New Photos from Thomas Aquinas Chapel
—Great photos of a wonderful achievement.