Time Mag Mocks Church’s FOCA Stand
—Silly Church actually believed what Obama said about abortion? That’s just silly talk.

CMR: Vote Like Dems
—The blogosphere is encountering a crisis unequaled in history so CMR has been forced to take this vote to the streets. Oh yeah, it’s gonna’ get ugly. NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE!

N.D. House Outlaws Abortion
—”Personhood” may be the legal backdoor to ending abortion in many states.

I Wish The Cowards Would Shut Up
—For a people who are too chicken to talk about race, we sure do talk about race … alot.

This is What Gay Marriage Leads To!
—We Warned you about that slippery slope!

Be It Resolved – Take A Hike
—Texas Legislators put the debate where it should be telling the Feds to take a hike.

Creative Minority Reader

Top 10 Reasons Obama Returned Churchill
—Obama returns bust of Winston Churchill and CMR has the reasons.

Listen Up Nancy
—Nancy Pelosi gets a talking to from the Pope!

Get Me More Monkeys!
—For many scientists the universe grows bigger with each “coincidence” it discovers.

A Tale of Two Chapels
—Modernism meets Tradition.