First the bad news. I hope that even the non-traditionalist, non liturgically minded readers of CMR will agree that the following quote from Roger Cardinal Mahony of Loas Angeles reflects a 3rd grade understanding of liturgy and is just plain offensive. Fr. John Zuhlsdorf reports that the Cardinal said this at the Exhibit Hall at the Religious Education Congres.

Ann Scolari: What are your thoughts on the Trindentine mass?

CardinalMahony: Ann: The Tridentine Mass was meant for those who could not make the transition from Latin to English [or other languages] after the Council. But there is no participation by the people, and I don’t believe that instills the spirit of Christ among us.

There are many things I could say about the previous quote. I could throw quotes from dozens of Popes at you, I can quote Summorum Pontificum, and I can quote Councils all in the effort to pursuade you how utterly un-Catholic is the viewpoint of the Cardinal. But I trust, however, that all Catholics of good will and a fourth grade reading level are already pursuaded.

The title of this post is Good News Bad News, so you might naturally be wondering, “what is the good news?”

Well February 27th was the Seventy third birthday of the Cardinal. So the good news is that it is a mere 728 days until the Cardinal must submit his resignation. Tick, Tock.