has compiled its list of the 50 most influential Christian blogs and Creative Minority Report has made the cut coming in at #33.

I have devised a simple system to rank these blogs based on four numbers: traffic stats from, Alexa ranking, Technorati ranking and Google Reader subscribers. All numbers were not available for all the blogs, so I used the numbers I had. Whenever there was a tie in the final FB ranking, I gave it to the blog with the highest traffic number. I realize that web traffic rankings are not precise because they’re based on extrapolation, not exact statistics. Nevertheless, I think the FB average ranking is a fair measure of where the blogs at the top of the Christian blogosphere stand in relation to one other.

Catholic bloggers among the ranking include the usual suspects. the Anchoress, and Father Z, and Thomas Peters at American Papist come in at 6,7, and 20 respectively. Great sites all. 6,7 and 20 are very nice numbers, but we are 33. Jesus was 33 ya know! I’m just sayin’.

Also making the grade are Mark Shea, and Fr. Tim Finigan at Hermeneutic of Continuity.

Congratulations to all the wonderful Christian and Catholic blogs. We here at CMR plan to use our newly found fame and influence to attract all the cute groupies at Christian blogger conventions. Wild times ahead! Wild times.