Commonweal Approves of Obama being the Commencement Speaker. David Gibson writes:

This should get the Irish fighting, along with lots of other Catholics. Or am I wrong?…Notre Dame certainly seems to be leading with its (her?) chin, but I think it’s a fine choice for many reasons: One, they invited Bush after he was elected, so the invite is justified if not imperative. And two, it offers Obama a Catholic setting to talk some about issues of central importance to Catholic, which have not received the hearing (so far) that he promised.

I’m loving this moral equivalence thing they’ve got going on here. Notre Dame invited Bush so they can invite Obama. Hey, George Bush didn’t support the murder of the unborn. George W. Bush didn’t OK the creation and killing of embryos for stem cell research.

Pope Benedict called the destruction of nascent life “today’s gravest injustice.” Abortion is the transcendent issue of the day. One can’t form a checklist of Catholic teachings and weigh and balance them by quantity on every issue. It’s been said often that not all issues are of equal gravity. The right to life outweighs all other concerns.