President Barack Obama, while speaking in Strasbourg France, made the following remarks.

We know that transformational change is possible. We know this because of three reasons: First, because, for all our differences, there are certain values that bind us together and reveal our common humanity: the universal longing to live a life free from fear, and free from want; a life marked by dignity and respect and simple justice.

When I read that, I must admit, I was far from free from fear and want. Actually, such sentiments uttered by the leader of the free world make me very fearful. As I tweeted on the topic I thought. The only way to be free from fear, to be free from want, is to free from freedom. Any government that promises freedom from fear or want, seeks to do so only to have you give up your freedom without a fight.

So it was that while I was mulling this truth that I came across a most remarkable video at the wonderful American Catholic.

This video, produced in 1948, examines the role of liberty and free markets in our American Society and warns of what happens when, seeing all its imperfections, we are tempted to trade our freedoms for the ISM that President Barack Obama is trying to sell. It is almost ten minutes, but I think that really speaks to our times and what is in store for us if we are sold the lie that we can be free from fear or want if only we buy what the State is selling us.

Don’t you also find it remarkable that this video was produced by a college?