You want to know what the problem is with Catholic universities. It’s right here. Saint Joseph’s University has asked the outspokenly pro-choice Chris Matthews to deliver the Commencement address and when asked why a Catholic institution would do this here’s the answer right from the school in the school’s newspaper. Marty Meloche, Ph.D., associate professor of Food Marketing who heads the selection committee had this to say:

We are first and foremost an academic institution,” said Meloche, who, on behalf of the committee, gives recommendations for speakers to University President Timothy Lannon, S.J., who makes the final decision.

That’s the problem. Shouldn’t any Catholic institution be “first and foremost” Catholic?

According to SJU, Catholicism is at best secondary. Hmm…that reminds me of those pesky Ten Commandments. Remember this one: “I am the LORD thy God. Thou shalt have no strange gods before Me.”

Maybe this Jesuit school’s motto shouldn’t be “For the greater glory of God” but “Yeah, we’re Catholic but we’re not like crazy about it.”