Levi Johnston is swamped. His busy schedule is filled with dishing the dirt on the Palins’ to any microphone or camera but he just announced “he’s open” to cramming any acting or modeling gigs into his busy schedule. Oh. What a surprise.

But in the interest of helping, the CMR Casting Agency is hard at work dreaming up good roles for him:

1) A buddy cop movie with Screech.

2) Red Shirted crew member in an upcoming Star Trek sequel.

3) Joran Van Der Sloot in the Natalee Holloway story.

4) Anthony Michael Hall’s role as Winona Ryder’s controlling boyfriend in an off-off Broadway musical production of “Edward Scissorhands.”

5) Starring in “Joe Biden – The Early Years.”

6) Any remake of an 80’s movie with James Spader where he played a jerk. “Less than Zero” or “Pretty in Pink.” Either one.

7) Someone in the next Rambo movie who says, “This Rambo guy ain’t so bad. I’ll take him out.”

8) The guy in any horror movie who says, “What’s that noise in the basement, you guys continue playing Dungeons and Dragons I’m going to check this out.

9) Playing Ted McGinley’s character’s son in a straight-to-Beta Revenge of the Nerds 2010.

10) Any role in a Beverly Hillbillies remake.

If you’d like to help Levi find some work in Hollywood, please feel free to offer suggestions for roles.