According to Pewsitter:

Georgetown is honoring Vice President Joe Biden tomorrow at a Symposium Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Biden will receive the Legal Momentum Hero Award.

So they’re honoring Biden for his work on protecting women. I guess they’re not counting the very small females who haven’t happened to be born yet. Yeah, other than those millions of little girls that Biden’s perfectly fine with ripping limb from limb, he’s been great for women. Oh, unless you count the depression, risk of suicide and abject horror that many mothers face after destroying their unborn children. But besides those things he’s been great to women. Oh yeah, and the damaging health effects of abortion including breast cancer, a dramatically higher risk of an ectopic pregnancy, and sterility.

But other than those things, you’ve got to admit he’s been awesome for women and a Catholic University should really be honoring this guy…except that it violates the USCCB document “Catholics in Political Life” from 2004 which asks Catholic schools not to honor pro-abortion politicians.