This day has been a while coming. We just had our one millionth visitor to Creative Minority Report. Hooray.

The grand total to date is 1,000,000 visitors with a grand total of 1,728,719 pageloads. As near as we can tell our millionth visitor hails from St. Louis MO.

Oh sure, we know that there are other sites out there that have many multiples of that, but this is a big deal for us. We started this little project just over two years ago. For the first year we toiled in well deserved obscurity with just over 100,000 visitors in our first year of operations. This last year things have begun to change. More and more people have stumbled across our little corner of the Internet helping us to reach the 1 million milestone just a year later.

If I may use the occasion of this milestone to offer some thoughts on why we do this. I certainly isn’t for fame or fortune. Two years ago Matthew and I surveyed the landscape of Catholic blogs and thought that there might be a niche that needed filling. If you as a Catholic were interested in deep theological things, there was a place for that. If apologetics floats your boat, there was a place for that. If the liturgy wars are your thing, there are places for that. If you are interested in the vestment options available in the 17th century Sarum rite, there is even a place for that. There was a place for all sorts things directed at really smart and interested Catholics.

But what about those other folks? You know, Catholics who don’t have the time or inclination to read the Summa? What about those Catholics who couldn’t tell you the difference between an encyclical from an apostolic exhortation if there life depended on it? What about those folks? Shouldn’t there be a site for dumb Catholics as well?

Matthew and I looked at each other and said, “Yes!” So we do this every day for you. The dumb Catholics. So today, this milestone is really your milestone. Take comfort in the fact that there are a million Catholic morons out there just like you.