CBS News in Miami is reporting that Father Alberto Cutié is set to bail on the Catholic Church in order to become an Episcopalian.

MIAMI (CBS4) CBS4 has learned that Father Alberto Cutié, who has been at the center of a major scandal over breaking his celibacy vow, is expected to leave the Catholic church and join the Episcopal church, according to a source inside the Episcopal church. Cutié is expected to begin the process of becoming an Episcopalian priest, which could take up to a year to complete.

Gosh, do people still do this sort of thing? It is so 1970’s. I mean lets face it, there is a large portion of Episcopalians that do not want to be Episcopalians. For me, this is a prime example of Fr. Cutié’s complete lack of imagination. He gets caught publicly sinning and he goes down boring road of trying to say that what he did is not a sin, rather it is the Church that has the problem. So in order to keep on keepin’ on, he bails on the Church to join an ecclesial community that is not all that interested in such rules, or Jesus for that matter.

I do give him some creativity points for getting caught with a woman, that was a twist. But becoming an episcopalian so he can get married? C’mon. Father I have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you do something almost unheard of these days. Repent of your sin and get your act together. Nobody will see that coming.

ht to David Alexander