As long time readers of CMR know, I have a particular interest in the happenings in the Anglican Communion. Some time back, as part of my reading on the topic I came across the blog of Fr. Jeffrey Steel of the Anglican Church. Since then, I have become a semi regular reader of his blog “De Cura Animarum.”

Imagine my delight when as I visited his site this evening and was greeted with this opening paragraph.

I am writing to make the announcement that I am becoming a Roman Catholic along with my wife Rhea and our six children. I realise that this decision is going to make some really happy, some very sad and others possibily angry. But, I have made the decision with the deepest sense of integrity and by conscience. I would like to share a bit of my faith journey though there are many gaps here, it is descriptive of my heart over the past few months. This is not particularly an academic account of what I have done in my studies but rather the spiritual wrestling that went on within me. The announcement was made this morning in all three parishes where I serve and is now a matter of public knowledge. My duties and licence in the parish end on 14 June 2009 (Corpus Christi Sunday) and my reception into Holy Mother Church is forthcoming.

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In his post he details how he came to this momentous decision. I cannot even imagine the courage it takes to take the first steps in a journey such as this. Please be sure to read the whole piece and keep Fr. Steel and his family in your prayers.