Irony is abortionists worrying about where the next generation of abortionists is going to come from. You can’t make this stuff up.

One mainstream media organization is saying abortionists are getting old and when the old generation retires who’s going to be around to kill the next generation? Salon Magazine is concerned. Me? Not so much. In fact, I’m kind of pleased. Not that I don’t think some shell of a human with a medical degree will step up since there’s bucks to be made but it’s good to see they’re having difficulty replacing abortionists. reports:

Carolyn is part of the next generation of abortion providers many people are wondering and worrying about in the aftermath of Dr. George Tiller’s murder by an anti-choice zealot and the subsequent closing of Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Center. Already, 87 percent of counties in the U.S., and 98 percent of rural counties, have no abortion services. Nearly two-thirds of second-trimester abortion providers are over 50 years old and bound to retire sooner rather than later. And, as a recent PBS NOW special highlighted, the number of overall abortion providers has dropped by one-third in recent years: From 2,680 in 1985 to 1,787 in 2005.

Of course says this is because of anti-abortion “terrorism” like the murder of Dr. Tiller last week. But I’m pretty sure this drop off didn’t start last Sunday. And what this actually shows is that societal pressures are working.

Still, the reasons why schools don’t provide comprehensive family planning education go beyond simple time-management issues. For one thing, the same relentless pressure from the anti-choice movement that plagues practicing abortion providers is also directed at medical schools. Susan Wicklund, a Montana OB-GYN and author of “This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor,” says, “I’ve witnessed pressure by antiabortion groups on administrators and professors in medical schools not to discuss abortion. There’s the threat of being picketed or boycotted at the school itself if they do any teaching of abortion.” Says Creinin, “For anything that creates controversy, it’s easy for a med school to say, ‘Look, it’s not worth it.'”

So that’s the good news. The bad news is that abortion is a multi-million dollar industry and as long as they’re paying, some shell of a human with an online medical degree will step up and agree to rip babies limb from limb for money.

And when these hacks hurt women with botched abortions, I’m sure, will blame you. That’s right. You for stigmatizing abortion and making it so difficult to fill those spots.