***This post contains vulgar material that appeared on television. Consider yourself warned. No complaints afterward.***

Honestly folks, I’m not a guy who is easily offended. Nope. I even enjoy off color humor from time to time. But what offends me is when my children are exposed to something vulgar when I am not expecting it. However, even if my children didn’t see this, I would still be offended on behalf of all women. This is really saying something.

Last night I saw an ad for a ladies razor, the Schick Quattro for Women, during prime time television and had to quickly change the channel. Actually, I was so upset that I turned the TV off and sent the kids to bed early. What offended me so? Well the ad which can be viewed at the bottom of this post.

I intended to write a post about the degradation of our culture and the totally inappropriate material that is allowed on TV during regular viewing hours. While searching for the ad, I came across the UK version of the ad and I must say that my jaw hit the ground. It was much, much worse than even the US ad about which I was already offended.

I post the ad here, but please consider yourself forewarned. It is vulgar. The ad is called “Mow the lawn.” I kid you not.

The US version of the ad, while slightly less explicit is in the same vain. I saw this ad during prime time on a cable channel. It boggles the mind how any network would accept an ad like this during prime time, or any time for that matter. This one is called “Bushes.”

Women are obviously the target audience for these vulgar and disgusting ads. I highly recommend that if you are currently a Schick customer that you immediately cease purchasing their products and that you let them know why. Ads like this have no place on television. If you see one of these ads, I also suggest that you contact the network responsible and complain.