Lawrence O’ Donnell is filling in for Chris Matthews on Hardball this week. O’Donnell’s clear insanity is not a problem there because the regular host is almost as insane. Almost.

But clearly insanity doesn’t stop O’Donnell from attempting to be clever with his words. (Being clever with words is what you and I call lying.)

Check out how this condescending jerk tries to fool this regular woman who spoke up at a healthcare rally. And then check out how this regular woman outs the lying punk.

O’DONNELL: Well do you believe the President when he says, if you like the health care plan, as you say you do, you can keep that health care plan? Is that something, when you hear it, you simply don’t believe it?

KATY ABRAM: I don’t believe it because I heard him say on a quote, on television, that, you know, it may take 5 or 10 years but we will move to a single-payer health, or single-payer-

O’DONNELL: He, Katy, he’s never said that. He has never said we will move to a single-payer plan.

ABRAM: I heard, I heard it on TV. I heard it on TV. I heard him saying it.

O’DONNELL: The President of the United States. Katy, the President of the United States has never said it.

ABRAM: This was a couple years-

O’DONNELL: Oh it was a few years ago?

ABRAM: It was like in 2002 or 2000-


ABRAM: It was a couple of years ago. This wasn’t, it’s not since he was in office.

Did you catch what that smarmy punk was trying to pull there? “The President of the United States has never said it.” By that he means that Obama hasn’t said it in the past six months while in the Oval Office.

So now we’re not allowed to raise anything Obama said before he was in office because he wasn’t President then. Actually, that might really be how they think because candidate Obama and President Obama don’t see eye to eye on lots of things.

I know this isn’t a shock but these guys just aren’t playing fair. They plant people at townhalls with Nazi symbols. They call us un-American. They call us racists. They obfuscate and lie.

Someone’s got to ask them “Have you no shame? Have you no decency?”

Here’s the vid from Newsbusters.