Woe to him that enables changing of the subject.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the entire health care debate has been the inability of the left to change the subject. Further, now more than ever, the left needs to change the subject. This debate, while including the requisite amount of hyperbole, has generally been about ideas. What is the proper role of government? What is the role of the free market? How should these apply to health care? These are some of the questions. But even more troubling for the left is that the debate has been very much focused on what is in the bill and its long term ramifications. This is amazing. This has been a fight in the arena of ideas and the left has been pummeled worse than Jerry Cooney.

But say what you want about the Democrats, they have a playbook that has been very effective for them in the past and they are not about to panic because they have had a bad quarter. Whenever the breaks have been beating the boys, the democrats pull out one play that is sure to work and that is changing the subject. Further, the best way to change the subject is to demonize someone. To trash them, to ruin them, to destroy them while at the same time making them the face of the opposition.

To be sure, the Democrats have already tried this during this debate but have so far been frustrated by their inability to select the right target. Oh they tried with the feeble “nazi” claims only to have it backfire on them. They tried to make the idiot who brought a gun to the townhall the poster child for the movement, but that has not gained traction either. The trouble for the democrats this time around is that people have been watching these protests. They have seen the people and in doing so have recognized themselves. The democrats are unable, this time, to demonize or marginalize the entire group simply because people see themselves when they look at the protesters.

So now I am very sure that they will give up on the idea of marginalizing all the protesters but change the subject they must. To do this, the Democrats will destroy a person. An individual. I am talking the worst type of politics of personal destruction. Apocalyptic Sarah “The Plumber” Bush type destruction. They are actively seeking their target and the very moment that someone even remotely prominent on the other side makes a mistake, their life as they knew it is over.

Watch for it. They are as desperate as I have ever seen them. I don’t know who it will be or what the topic will be, but it doesn’t matter. They must change the subject. Woe to him who says or does or says something really stupid over the next weeks. They will wish they had never been born.