I won a bet with Matthew from last week when I told him that Van Jones would resign on Sunday. He was too big a potential liability to let him hang around and a Sunday of a long weekend is made for such things.

I have seen many story around the blogosphere screaming about how no mainstream media had covered the past of Van Jones. As of last Friday the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all three networks had been completely mum on the subject. It really is amazing. Not one word.

Yet. Yet, Van Jones is still gone. Oh sure, the ordinary ministers of the media carried Obama’s water yet again a likely limited Obama’s exposure on the issue, but Van Jones is still gone. Not one single word from the MSM and yet…

Several months ago Obama could not be stopped. He passed his stimulus. He nationalized industries. He then set his sights on getting his global warming Cap and Trade legislation through before moving on to what was sure to be his signature accomplishment – Health Care.

But then a funny thing happened. We happened. We raised the noise level on Cap n Tax sufficiently that even the Democrats in the Senate decided that now was not the right time. Not needing the distraction from health care, they decided to shelve it. That was no small accomplishment as there was nothing anyone could do to stop them if they truly willed it.

Then health care. People, people came out. They showed up. They spoke up. And health care also got in trouble and now Obama is taking to a live address in order to salvage it. The fight against government healthcare is far from over. They will do everything to get something and that something will not be good. But maybe, just maybe it won’t be as bad as what would have been.

So when I ponder the dearth of coverage of Van Jones and his resignation I think also of these other things. I think, Obama was right about one thing. Yes, we can.