Over the next weeks I am going to be telling you about a new book from a CMR contributor coming out in November.

Kids, this is going to be a big deal. No joke.

Don’t believe me? How about Dr. Scott Hahn? Would you believe him? This is a snippet of what he has to say about this exciting and important new book. Dr. Scott Hahn says it is …

“something we desperately need, something rare and great: at once an achievement of scholarship, a work of mystagogy, and an act of piety.”

That is just a snippet of what Dr. Hahn had to say in the foreword of this book. Oh? What? Didn’t I mention that Dr. Scott Hahn has written the foreword for this exciting new book? Silly me.

Yes, he did. I will share more of what Dr. Hahn had to say soon. I just have figure out if I should do that before or after I tell you what Archbishop Burke had to say. Decisions decisions.

Stay Tuned…