12:23 AM

Hoffman concedes. I’m still walking away feeling very positive about tonight. Now good night for real this time.

12:15 AM

With just about 80% of the vote in in Maine, supporters of traditional marriage are up 52.32% to 47.68%. The gap seems to be widening. Looks good for us.

But I’m heading to bed folks. Good night. Let’s just hope that tonight sends a strong message to those mythical Blue Dog Democrats and makes ’em a little scared.

12:03 AM

Fox calls NY-23 for Owens. Darn! But on the other hand Maine did the right thing and with 76% precincts reporting traditional marriage is up four points.

11:55 PM

If this is true, this will be a story that we’ll be hearing about for a long time. According to the blog Yes But However:

Cable news stalwarts CNN and MSNBC tonight chose not to show Republican Governor-Elect Chris Christie’s victory speech adding fuel to the “liberal bias” narrative carried forward by conservatives. Both networks chose to instead cover Maine’s gay marriage initiative vote and run commercial blocks. Fox News carried Mr. Christie’s speech in its entirety.

It’s almost too outrageous to believe.

11:52 PM

Traditional marriage up 51.83% to 48.17% in Maine with 70% reporting.

11:47 PM

If Hoffman loses and it does seem that he will at this late hour, the only race the GOP lost tonight is the one where they didn’t nominate a conservative. Something tells me however that they’re going to take the wrong lesson from this.

11:34 PM

Some updates on the two races still ongoing. With 64% precincts showing in Maine, traditional marriage up 51.66% to 48.34%.

And things may not be sooooo bleak for Hoffman in NY-23. Watertown Times says Hoffman now only down by 2500 votes with 10,000 absentees to be counted. That’s do-able.

11:19 PM

Slight update but good news. 58% of precincts reporting in Maine. Traditional marriage supporters up 51.29% to 48.71%. Wow.

11:16 PM

With 51% precincts reporting in Maine. Traditional marriage supporters are up 50.31% to 49.69%, according to Bangor Daily News.

11:12 PM

Doesn’t look good for Hoffman tonight. If Newt says “I told you so” I think I will throw a bushel of Georgia peaches at him. Just sayin’

11:02 PM

Yes on 1 now up 1 point in Maine! And, according to the National Organization for Marriage Twitter page, the Yes Vote is Ahead of Projections in All Counties. Very Encouraging!

10:58 PM

With ACORN busted, I think Obama needs a new “Voter Fraud Czar”

10:54 PM

Unless Hoffman can get this down to 1-2% race soon, I don’t think it is in the cards.

10:45 PM

Erick Erickson says on Twitter:

Just talked to ppl close to Hoffman. They think he’s won. Owens votes in. Their sampling tracks with what we’re seeing.

We shall see….

10:44 PM

Bangor Daily News has traditional marriage supporters taking the lead 50.5% t0 49.5%. Way too close to call.


Foxnews says Owens 49 Hoffman 46 with 54% reporting. Tightening.

10:33 PM

Bangor News reports that the gay marriage question in Maine has, according to a city clerk, caused a 50% turnout. Called it “bigger than a gubernatorial election.” Still too close to call.

10:27 PM

Karl Rove, the ultimate numbers guy, said its going to be a long night in NY23 but that Hoffman has the slight edge – but not certain.

10:21 PM

America’s decision on Obama came quicker than Obama’s decision on Afghanistan.

10:17 PM

Hoffman trailing by six. Something tells me if Hoffman loses, this will be the most important race of the night according to the media.

10:15 PM
Well, people are always saying they want to get big money out of politics. By defeating Corzine New Jersey just kicked money out of politics.

10:11 PM
AP calls it for Christie!!!!

10:04 PM

GOP sweeps VA; Christie leads NJ; Hoffman leads NY23. Political jobs created or saved by Obama? Zero. (Must give credit for that line to Daily Danet.)

Obama starts distancing himself from the elections tonight. Politico reports that the White House says Obama is not watching the returns. So I wonder what he’s watching. The Biggest Loser? Or watching “V” and taking notes?

9:47 PM

I wonder if Wendy’s or Arby’s are going to be the caterers for Chris Christie’s Inaugural?

9:43 PM

James Carville spins: “Understand, this is not a national election.”
Didn’t he say something about a permanent Democrat majority last election day? Permanent, I do no think that word means what they think it means.

9:38 PM

Democratic strategist Pat Caddell accused democrats of dirty tricks in the New Jersey Governor’s race today. There have been 15 times more absentee ballots turned in this year in Camden, New Jersey than last year when Barack Obama was running for president. Story and vid at Gateway Pundit.

9:36 PM

Things are tightening.
53% Reporting in NJ: Christie 49%, Corzine 45%;

9:33 EST
MSNBC is taking away Olbermann’s shoelaces, belt and nearby sharp objects right now.

9:32 PM
Jim Geraghty

Christie Wins Gloucester County

This looks big: With 100 percent of precincts reported, Republican Chris Christie has won New Jersey’s Gloucester County by about 2800 votes, a county that Christie Whitman lost in her 1997 reelection bid.

Obama carried this county by 12 percent last year.

9:25 PM EST

CNN exit poll: independents 58% for Christie.
37% Reporting in NJ: Christie 52%, Corzine 42%;

Is it possible that angry white men make up 57% of the population?

9:21 p.m.: If Republicans sweet the whole night there will soon be thousands of columns, hundreds of press releases, dozens of talking heads all explaining why this election meant nothing.

9:18 PM EST
Virginia – Republican sweep and blowout.

Christie up in NJ by 10% with 34% reporting.

Blue Dogs, are you paying attention.