We are so grateful for all the positive feedback that we receive on this website. None is more gratifying than the 234 lackeys, aka Google Followers, that hang on our every word.

I take that back. We are not grateful at all. It has come to my attention that Mark Shea has 270 minions, a fact that he rubs in our faces every chance he gets! You may not know this but he mocked us at the last secret blogger meeting held at the La Quinta Inn in Poughkeepsie (They have great tacos there btw!). Yes, he is a well respected author, editor, and radio personality and we aren’t, but so what! This shall not stand!

Oh sure, Patrick Madrid has 489 followers, but he has that cool Burt Reynolds mustache. We just can’t compete with that. But Mark can and should be knocked down from his perch.

But it isn’t just Mark. Father Dwight Longenecker has 258 followers. It is true that he is a priest and we just can’t buy that kind of street cred. However we view his Google superiority as evidence of a pernicious form of clericalism. Besides, we have more hair. Well, Matthew doesn’t but I do and I probably will for at least six more months. So act now!

Anyway, help us to right these injustices. Follow CMR on Google!