Northland Family Planning Centers of Michigan are advertising their services with newly created videos which calls abortion “sacred work.”

Sacred? Sacred is defined as “entitled to veneration or religious respect by association with divinity or divine things; holy.”

The video is part of a series of videos highlighting their abortion services and states, “We believe in the goodness of our work.” The spokesperson points to a sign hanging in the abortion clinic that says “We do sacred work that honors women and the circle of life and death. When you come here bring only love.”

The clinic says that abortion while being a “normal experience” and sadly that is true as there have been over 45 million abortions since its legalization as the video points out. But the spokesperson goes further and says that abortion is also “a sign of strength courage and responsibility to thoughtfully consider whether or not to bring new life into the world.”

The video highlights a quote from murdered late term abortionist Dr. George Tiller and showcases it against a pink backdrop with a heart behind it while a soft piano plays in the background.

Abortion is not a cerebral or reproductive issue. Abortion is a matter of the heart. For until one understands the heart of a woman, nothing else about abortion makes any sense at all. Dr. George Tiller 1941-2009

The clinic’s spokesperson assures women, “We believe you are making your decision from a place of goodness” and reminds them that “Goodness is not perfection, not obedience and it is not martyrdom. There is not one way of living a good life and sometimes we have to make hard choices.”

The clinic’s website tells mothers about some ways of coping with abortion including “releasing a symbolic object into the water, planting a tree or writing a poem. It would be a way for you to memorialize the day and move forward.”

They also suggest writing a letter to “the spirit of the child.”

Many women find they are talking to the spirit of the child inside of them. It may be useful and helpful to write your thoughts on paper. Some women write how they came to their decision, some ask for forgiveness. Some thank the spirit for the wisdom or thoughts they have had about life. Some write about the love they feel. Sometimes, having a way to say goodbye is an important part of healing.

But the clinic warns women about where to go to find answers.

“Remember: Go to factual and supportive sites. Use our Resources, or Choice Link Up. Avoid the negative traps of anti-choice sites.”

I’m sure they wouldn’t want their patients reading sites that don’t think their clinic is quite so sacred.

Abortion is the result of the absence of love – love which is good, holy, sacred.

Update: As of 5 p.m. on Friday, it looks like the Northland clinic has pulled the video. All the attention of thousands of thousands of folks forced them to pull it. That’s good news.

Update: I found another copy and posted it on Youtube.