They want rights. Let’s give ’em rights. Pro-aborts, including lobbyists from Planned Parenthood, have been arguing that abortion is a right.

You know, how liberals make up rights all the time like the right to healthcare and the right to an abortion. Well let’s take them at their word for a moment. OK. Done. Abortion’s a right just like healthcare.

Let’s look at what happens when someone who can’t afford healthcare needs healthcare. They go to the Emergency Room which by law cannot turn away anyone. The hospital is then burdened with paying for their care. How does the hospital make up for their loss? They charge insured patients more money to compensate and the cost goes up. Way up.

Now if the right to an abortion is as absolute as the right to healthcare in general, wouldn’t it be odd if they got their wish. Let’s tell abortion clinics that they have to provide services to all regardless of their ability to pay just as we do to hospitals.

And then we can sit back and watch them all go broke from folks coming in demanding free abortions.

I know that wouldn’t happen because the Democrats would subsidize them because Big Abortion is just too evil to fail.